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When we say “Innovate and Improve”, it’s much more than just a statement; it’s a philosophy that represents our company’s purpose and our promises to our clients. We are innovators at heart, and our passion for improving client performance keeps us dedicated to seeking new solutions for evolving problems.

Our first innovation, the Azimuth Aligner, is a world leading technology that exists in a category of its own, and its award winning impact has set an uncompromising benchmark of quality for all of our future endeavours. We aspire to be a brand that leads the way in introducing and connecting technology-driven solutions to the mining, construction and resource industries around the world. Our commitment to research and innovation is evidenced by the work of our Research and Development division, whose sole focus is to drive product improvement, new innovations, and specialised client integrations enhancements. We don’t intend to rest on the success of our first product release, but will continue to improve it while developing parallel solutions for the future needs that we uncover.

  • Ryan Stimpson,
    Head of Engineering, Minnovare

The Azimuth Aligner

The Azimuth Aligner is a leading-edge drill rig alignment technology for mining and construction, with proven ability to deliver faster, cheaper and more accurate drilling to drill rigs around the world. The future of drill rig equipment, the Aligner automates a traditionally labour intensive and inefficient process to provide operators with reduced costs and improved accuracy. Designed and built by Minnovare, it has gained market dominance in Australia and is now rapidly expanding to a global client base, delivering reduced costs, increased yield and reduced downtime for projects all over the world.

A Leading-Edge Product

The Azimuth Aligner is a leading technology-assisted unit that renders past underground drilling alignment practices obsolete. Conventional alignment processes can take hours of labour, and limit the project with associated downtime expenses on top of personnel costs. Even then, such alignment is prone to human error and inaccuracy. With no need for GPS, compasses, string lines, plumb bobs or flagging tape, The Azimuth Aligner enables setups that are not only much faster, but more accurate.

Built for Sustainable Results

With military-grade, north-seeking gyro technology, the Azimuth Aligner is the world’s first autonomous drill rig alignment system. It uses an innovative, technology-driven approach to improve productivity and the bottom line by providing:

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Increased Accuracy

Eliminate setup errors

Reduced Setup Time & Costs

< 5 minutes regardless of context, reducing downtime by 70-90%

Increased Yield

Increase drilled metres by 10% production increase

Complete Assurance

100% of holes aligned to engineered tolerances

Reduced Costs

Reduce drill costs by 10% and labour by 33%

Reduced Downtime

Eliminate 400hrs rig downtime P/A

“I wish I had this 10 years ago. It would have made our setups a lot faster. The Azimuth Aligner will replace the string line method at Olympic Dam.”

Jody Smith, Project Leader – Olympic Dam (BHP): Boart Longyear

Using the Azimuth Aligner in 5 minutes

The Azimuth Aligner consists of two components; a sensor and display, and is operated through four simple steps.

Stage One

Remove device from its case and clamp the sensor to a drill rod

Stage Two

View the heading and inclination of the rig via the wireless display device

Stage Three

Adjust the position of the rig to the required heading and inclination

Stage Four

Remove the sensor from the rig to put back in case, and commence drilling

The Azimuth Aligner Features

  • Accuracy

    Accurate and usable on surface and underground without the need for GPS

  • Multi-use

    Flexible and portable – can service several rigs per site

  • True North

    Seeks true north in 15 minutes (AZ = +/- 0.2 degrees)

  • Real Time

    Real time Azimuth and DIP via high contrast display

  • Trackable

    Recalls data to enable accountability and validation

  • Live Data

    Live movement tracking and stored data reporting capacity

  • Long Lasting

    24 hour battery life (in conjunction with battery booster pack)

  • Magnetised

    Unaffected by magnetics

  • Easy to Use

    Clamps onto BQ to PQ rod sizes

  • Durable

    Shock proof and sturdy unit for optimal use on site

  • Global Standards

    Built for global standards to be used on almost any project

  • Easy to Use

    Intuitively operated and easy to use

The Benefits

Reduced rig set up time and costs

  • 70-90% reduction in downtime
  • 33% reduction in labour costs

Increased revenue and yield

  • 100% of holes aligned to +/- 0.2 Degrees in Azimuth
  • 6% per metre cost reduction

Accuracy Assurance

  • 100% of holes aligned to +/- 0.2 Degrees in Azimuth


Underground & Surface Drilling


Ground Engineering


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At Minnovare, our confidence in the Azimuth Aligner is demonstrated through our free trial offering. See for yourself, at no cost, the power of our unit working on your site. The trial includes consultation, training, and use of the aligner for the first month, and there is no obligation to continue using the Azimuth Aligner afterwards. Find out more in one of our industry specific resources for mining and construction on the next steps to take.