Implement the Azimuth Aligner on your ground engineering project to achieve faster, cheaper and more accurate drilling.

Eliminate cumbersome and time consuming rig alignment processes, reliant on surveyors with the Azimuth Aligner.

System Overview

The Azimuth Aligner is a device used to replace conventional alignment processes used on smaller diameter inclined drilling programs in the construction industry. Conventional alignment processes can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours. This reduces drilling time and negatively impacts drilling production. By eliminating the need for time consuming alignment methodologies that rely on land surveying methods, the Azimuth Aligner delivers an accurate, fast set up leaving more time available for productive drilling.

For Ground Engineering projects with tight design tolerances, the Azimuth Aligner allows the driller to set up the drill to design in a fraction of the time required using Land Surveying methods. The device is typically deployed on smaller diameter drilling programs, where it is often difficult and time consuming to orientate the rig to the designed heading and inclination. Some typical drilling applications include:

  • Compensation Grouting
  • Jet Grouting
  • Anchoring
  • Freeze Grouting
  • Micro Piling

The Azimuth Aligner is also applicable on other construction drilling.


Eliminate time consuming alignment procedures to create more time for drilling.


Reduce standby charges and other costs associated with rig set up.

More Accurate

Every hole set up to 0.2 Degree in Azimuth.

More Data

Create a digital record of every set up.