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Dam Grouting

Dam grouting is a proven methodology for installing up-gradient and down-gradient barriers in dam foundations.  In this application, these barriers are often called grout curtains.  Grout curtains are generally installed using a primary, secondary and sometimes tertiary program wherein the primary drill holes are grouted first, followed by the secondary holes, and so on.   Drill hole accuracy is fundamental to the grouting process.  Our flagship product for the purpose of dam grouting is our patented Azimuth Aligner.

The Azimuth Aligner significantly improves drill-hole accuracy over traditional alignment techniques (to within +/- 0.2°), reduces rig set-up times (by up to 90%) and effectively automates the rig-alignment process – reducing the associated on-site personnel costs (geologists and surveyors).  The result is a substantial improvement in both operational productivity and a significant reduction in cost – not only to the end client, but to sub-contractors and drilling contractors alike.

The Azimuth Aligner is currently deployed on over 100 international mine sites and major construction projects. Click on the link below to go to the Azimuth Aligner product page.