Minnovare in the mining industry: An overview

The Azimuth Aligner is a leading-edge drill rig alignment technology for mining and construction with proven ability to deliver faster, cheaper and more accurate drilling to drill rigs around the world. Hailed as the future leader of drill rig alignment, the Azimuth Aligner automates a traditionally labour intensive, and inefficient process to provide operators reduced costs and improved azimuth accuracy within +/- 0.2 degree, a standard previously unheard of in the industry.

Our strategy and support philosophy is one of partnership, integration, and reliability, and from the sales process, to the technology setup phase, ongoing troubleshooting during the project lifecycle, and any additional needs or queries. We work on delivering value, training and education by making ourselves available to help every step of the way.

The Azimuth Aligner for the mining industry challenges

The Azimuth Aligner by Minnovare is a leading-edge technology-assisted unit that renders past underground drilling alignment practices obsolete. Conventional alignment processes can take hours, and limit the project with associated downtime expenses on top of personnel costs. Even then, the alignment is prone to human error and inaccuracy. With no need for GPS, compasses, string lines, plumb bobs or flagging tape, the Azimuth Aligner enables faster and more accurate setups.

For the mining industry, this is a much-needed innovation. The Azimuth Aligner is a powerful solution to this well recognised problem, and when introduced on site, achieves staggering results. After winning numerous mining industry awards for its initial success in Australia, Minnovare is now delivering the productivity improvements of the Azimuth Aligner to surface and underground drilling programs worldwide. For mining project sites, both surface and underground, the Azimuth Aligner bypasses the conventional labour intensive and time-draining alignment processes, reduces costs and increases accuracy. It delivers quantifiable productivity benefits and eliminates the risk of human error.

For Underground Drilling

Whether it be diamond, RC, production, magnetic ore bodies or drill sites with tight access, The Azimuth Aligner foregoes the traditional materials needed such as peg lines and flagging tapes and simply aligns the drill for optimal use.

For Surface Drilling

Surface drill rigs can be difficult to manoeuvre and align to an accurate collar azimuth and dip but with the Azimuth Aligner, traditional surveying techniques with reference pegs and market taps are unnecessary with the drill rig aligning seamlessly to a set azimuth.

“The drillers and I were surprised by the errors that occur using traditional alignment techniques, and the errors that occur after initial alignment whilst pinning the face-plate, pinning the rig and during collaring.”

Steve Warriner – Chief Geologist at Poseidon Nickel

The Benefits

Reduced rig set up time and costs

70-90% reduction in downtime
33% reduction in labour costs

Increased revenue and yield

100% of holes aligned to +/- 0.2 Degrees in Azimuth
6% per metre cost reduction

Accuracy Assurance

100% of holes aligned to +/- 0.2 Degrees in Azimuth

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In action:

We’ve worked with countless mining companies around the world, helping save millions of dollars by reducing drill rig set up time, cost and labour and increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

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HOw to engage Minnovare

At Minnovare, our confidence in the Azimuth Aligner is demonstrated through our free trial offering. See for yourself, at no cost, the power of our unit working on your site. The trial includes consultation, training, and use of the aligner for the first month, and there is no obligation to continue using the Azimuth Aligner afterwards. Find out more in one of our industry specific resources for mining and construction on the next steps to take.



Minnovare seeks to better understand the project challenges you face and prescribe the best integration opportunity for the Azimuth Aligner through a proposed rollout agreement.



At no cost to the client, we come to site to demonstrate the unit and its potential for your team and supervisors. Where necessary, this demonstration period can last up to 1 month to better validate the fit for your team and drill rig.



Based on the results of demonstration and further conversations, we sign an agreement to engage the project or multiple projects.


Extension if required

Our commitment to value is seen in the potential extension of a trial period on request if more time is needed to reach optimal and quantifiable cost benefits from the Azimuth Aligner.


Ongoing support & training

Online training hub access is provided in conjunction with on-site training to ensure the Azimuth Aligner is used to optimal performance standards.