The Minnovare Story

Minnovare launched with the world-first Azimuth Aligner to deliver unprecedented efficiency to drilling processes through improved productivity, accuracy and safety, whilst reducing setup time and hence project costs. The success of this Australian born product instantly led to a 70% market share dominance and international interest within a few short years of operation.

“This partnership will help us expand more aggressively into the global mining and construction markets, and offer the benefit of the Azimuth Aligner to many more customers.”

Callum McCracken, CEO & Co-Founder.

On the back of an overwhelming demand for the product and with clear opportunities for international expansion, Minnovare secured funding from Jolimont Global, a private equity group that invests into high growth mining equipment and technology as well as Viburnum Funds, an Australasian mid market private equity manager with extensive experience in the mining industry. Guiding this global growth mandate is a simple purpose: To provide a new standard of technological innovation wherever process and productivity improvements are needed. We are constantly developing new, technology driven methods to boost efficiency and profitability, and we work hard to provide lasting value for each of our clients.

Our strategic mentality, flagship product, and bespoke integration have improved safety, labour management, and operational performance for projects worldwide. As Minnovare moves into the future, we honour this trust by continuously seeking new innovations and value-building opportunities for each and every one of our clients. Built on the success of the Azimuth Aligner, we have pioneered an entirely new category of drill alignment technology. With over 70% market share in Australia, we are now an expanding global company intent on building on past achievements developing our offerings as a multi-solution provider.

With the focus firmly on continuing to service the local Australian market and expand into overseas markets, Minnovare’s ultimate aim is to raise awareness for technology assisted benefits and be the partner of choice for mining companies and drilling contractors who are looking to increase accuracy and efficiency and reduce down time.

The Azimuth Aligner

The Azimuth Aligner is a leading-edge drill rig alignment technology for mining and construction with proven ability to deliver faster, cheaper and more accurate drilling to drill rigs around the world. Hailed as the future leader of drill rig alignment, the Azimuth Aligner automates a traditionally labour intensive, and inefficient process to provide operators reduced costs and improved azimuth accuracy within +/- 0.2 degree, a standard previously unheard of in the industry. With market dominance across Australia and a globally expanding project base, Minnovare uses this flagship product to deliver reduced costs, increased yield and reduced downtime for surface and underground drilling projects all over the world, with little need for geologists and surveyors to supervise drill rig alignment.


The Minnovare Culture Manual defines who we are, what we stand for and the values that we live by. For those that work for us and with us, understand what matters to us and what drives us by downloading the culture manual below.

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