The Production Optimizer™

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Suitable for ALL production rig makes & models, Minnovare’s Production Optimizer system combines advanced rig-alignment hardware with innovative drill-data capture software – substantially improving drill & blast efficiency, productivity and profitability in underground mines.


The Production Optimizer delivers greater accuracy, speed and reliability during the rig alignment process – substantially reducing blast-hole deviation and down-time; resulting in optimal charges and blasts, leading to;


  •   Reduced dilution
  •   Improved fragmentation size and consistency
  •   Reduced bridging/hang-ups
  •   Reduced re-drills/re-work
  •   Increased drilled meters per shift
  •   Increased ore recovery
  •   Improved return per tonne ratio
  •   Increased stope cycle time


The Production Optimizer has been proven in the field.  Our case studies and whitepapers have been co-authored with our clients – each clearly demonstrating the value of the Production Optimizer system ( in one case-study (Cracow) by reducing average dilution by 62%).  Click on the buttons below to download content. 



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