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Drilling Accuracy – Reducing Dilution and Improving Recovery

Join Minnovare’s Head of Product and Product Strategy, Ryan Stimpson, as he discusses our most recent analysis of  underground production blast hole drilling performance. During this webinar, Ryan highlight’s the findings which help engineers understand the dominant sources of error and how employing the latest in mining technology can be used to improve drilling outcomes.


Survey results are used to challenge some common preconceptions about which sources of error influence drilling outcomes for a range of sites across the world.  The deficiencies in the current process are discussed and a technology solution that largely mitigates these variables is proposed. The effectiveness of the solution is demonstrated with client short and long term results. Ryan demonstrates the effectiveness of the system via example drilling outcomes achieve by Minnovare clients and the resulting impact on mine economics.

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In the next edition of Minnovare’s Talking-Tech series, hear Ryan Stimpson, Minnovare Head of Product and Product Strategy, discuss the latest in software to ensure drilling data integrity to optimise blasting in underground mining operations.


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