How Accurate Drilling Data Optimises Blasting Outcomes

In this edition of Minnovare’s Talking-Tech series, hear Ryan Stimpson, Minnovare Head of Product and Product Strategy, discuss the latest in software to ensure drilling data integrity to optimise blasting in underground mining operations.


Join to learn how:

  • You can ensure quality drilling through data integrity delivering better immediate outcomes and downstream benefits;
  • The benefits of real time or near real time data access can drive productivity improvements in your operation, and;
  • Minnovare CORE is transforming the ‘messy’ Drill and Blast paper trail into a clean digital record.


There will be a focus on how the data flow between Minnovare’s Production Optimiser, Minnovare CORE and third party drill and blast software allows for improved decision making and reporting.


  • Ryan Stimpson

    Head of Product and Product Strategy at Minnovare

An aeronautical engineer by training, Minnovare’s Head of Product and Product Strategy has worked in mining technology for the last 5 years. Part of the team that delivered the first Production Optimiser System which was developed through collaborations with mining clients throughout Australia.

Southern Hemisphere

  • Tuesday, November 30
  • 11am -12pm AWST (GMT + 8)
  • Webinar
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