Survey Study


The Canadian Blast Hole Survey data was captured from a total of 10 underground mine sites across Canada between 2019 and 2020. Across the 10 sites, four commodities are mined – gold (7), silver (1), copper (1) and nickel (1). All mines have narrow/vein ore bodies with the primary mining method being longhole stoping.


Across the 10 sites, a total of 454 holes were drilled using the ‘existing process’ and then later surveyed. The average surveyed length of all holes was 24.2ft. The average number of holes drilled and surveyed at each site, was 45. One site used the Horseshoe, with a total of 58 holes.


The resulting data displays the effective use of the Production Optimizer when deployed at mine sites experiencing issues with long hole stoping. Download the full case study to learn more.

Download the Canadian Blast Hole Survey

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